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You want a personalized piece of art ?

What is a personalized piece of art ?

www.orishart.com is the only african contemporary art gallery offering you the opportunity to order your personalized artwork online !

We give you access to the Orish’Art Studio community. A gallery gathering several contemporary professional artists who will realize and embodied all your artistic visions !

Give body to your ideas and the cachet to your spaces !

Your heart stopped beating over one of our artists and you would like to ask him for a particular work? We will take care of submitting your request to your favorite! Here’s how:

Contact us and let us know your wishes. Our advisors are at your disposal and always ready to discuss. Show them your desiderata and they will take care of transmitting the project to the artist. If the latter feels inspired by your vision, then there will be nothing left but to let the magic operate. Please note that our “art service on demand” depends on the goodwill of our artists because we believe that art is free and must remain so.

The quote (price) of the work will be fixed according to the artist chosen and the characteristics of the work. You will be given a preliminary estimation.

Please note that most of our artists do not work on agenda, but according to inspiration, and we respect this choice. In order to know to whom to address you at the moment, identify the symbol !

You are interested in a personalized work but you wonder about the terms of the approach ? contact-us at gallery@orishart.com or on +32471315446 and it will be our pleasure to answer your questions ! Curiosity is free and without commitment

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