Payment security protocol 

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To ensure the security of your account, we set up the best secured payment protocol.


What is 3-D Secure?

3-D Secure is a secure payment protocol on the Internet. 3D Secure is a program created by international issuers Visa (Verified By Visa) and MasterCard (MasterCard Secure Code) to enhance the security of online payments and the fight against fraud, including cases of stolen card. When paying you will be required an additional authentication code (not your personal code CB) to be sure that you are the bearer of the card (see examples below)
It was developed by Visa to increase transaction security, and has been adopted by MasterCard. It enables better authentication of cardholder payments from purchases made on websites. According to the bank issuing the card, authentication methods vary. Indeed, this program is based on the establishment of an additional check when buying online: in addition to the bank details, the buyer will validate the payment by entering a secret data or a code that his bank will provide him (date of birth, code transmitted by the buyer or the bank). Ask about it at your bank.

What is SSL ?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) / TLS (Transport Layer Security) is the most common security protocol that creates a secure channel between two communicating machines on the Internet or an internal network. In our society centered on a vulnerable Internet, SSL is generally used when a browser needs to securely connect to a web server. Technically speaking, SSL is a transparent protocol that requires little interaction from the final user. For browsers, for example, users are warned of the presence of SSL security by displaying a padlock and protocol “https” in the url, and, in the case of SSL Extended Validation by the green address bar. The key to success therefore SSL is its incredible simplicity for the end user. More information: