ASC Nuba 1 – 80*120


ASC – Nuba 1 – 100X150 Print on brushed aluminium

This work from a series printed on brushed aluminum is an ode of the artist to the Nuba people. It is part of the collection “Nation en lumière”, through which the artist wishes to highlight unknown and often threatened ethnies from Africa. The Nuba derive their name from the mountainous regions of Nuba in Kordofan, Sudan, where they have lived since immemorial time. It is, as the artist says, a group of noble and strong warriors, victims of generations of various persecutions while having kept their heads high as centuries passed, as the persecutors changed (arabs, english, extremist islamist, petroleum corporations,…) without reaching their goal to make them Deny their culture. They remain poets in adversity and call themselves “people of the hills” and to distinguish themselves from each other, they designated themselves by the name of their hill of origin or their village. The artist adds: “In Latin Nuba designates the cloudsisn’t it? this is perfect for this high people.” It is this strength, this dignity that has seduced the author and that he wanted to represent through this series, freely inspired by Leni Riefenstahl work and dedicated to them.

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Dimensions 120 × 1 × 80 cm


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