Dreamcatcher 1 - Keanon Polhman #UrbanKhoi

Keanon Polhman – Dreamcatcher 1


Acrylic, Pitt charcoal, Carre on Capeliner paper.
86cm x 46.5cm

The dreamatcher is a sacred ceremonial tool that comes from the indigenous peoples of North America. It is seen as a symbol chasing evil spirits and taking away the bad dreams. In this series of portraits, the author tries to make sense of his need for protection and  his quest for reclaiming his Khoisan roots , this, in a culturally globalized world that demands a certain opening to the others. To illustrate and show this dichotomy , the author has come to use a native spiritual device from an exogenous culture to protect his “faces”, theses figures of his own people. Keanon established  a bridge between two worlds as a way to declare that we are different, and we should be proud of these differences, but we should not forget that we are also similar and that it is through our relationship with the other that we grow.

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Dimensions 86 × 46.5 cm